Therapy helps when you feel something is standing in your way to live a rich and profound life. When you feel there are parts of your life that you are unable to engage in and when you feel detached.
As a therapist I can help you to address a local issue in a short term therapy, go through a longer process that helps you discover new sides of yourself and of your interactions with the world, or to accompany you through a stage of your spiritual journey.


Body psychotherapy is a field of humanistic psychology, that was developed in the 30s by Freud’s follower – Wilhelm Reich. It is based upon his idea of muscular armour: the way our emotions, feelings and patterns of thinking organize in our body in the way we breath, walk and hold our posture. Our body is the root of our vitality, playfulness and sexuality, and we need it on our side in the changes and development processes we are going through.
Body psychotherapy is an effective tool to treat a wide range of issues like anxiety, body image, eating disorders, tension, trauma, chronic pains and self-regulation.
Body psychotherapy integrates movement, breathing and body focusing techniques with conversation, allowing us to experience the processes we are going through and not only to talk about them. Many times, the body can express things that the mind can not, and remembers things our mind might have already forgotten.

Relational work addresses our way of engagement with others.

It creates a microcosms in which we discover and challenge our relationship with the therapist and with the world. 

We can discover the places where we are stiff, and learn how to make them more flexible. 


Hey, my name is Yosef and I’m a relational body psychotherapist.
I’m married to Limor and a father to my 7 years old boy, Reffael.
I live in Berlin since 5 years.

I was born in Moscow, USSR, in a family of human rights activists and moved to Israel in the early 90's.  

I studied journalism in London, and Philosophy in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

I traveled the world for few years, and experienced varied self development, body-mind practices.

I was trained as a body oriented psychotherapist in Jerusalem, and studied relational psychotherapy in Open Center, London, (Human Potential Movement). 


I am member of the European Association for Body Psychotherapy (EABP).


0173 9565643