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Limor & Yosef

Tattooing for us is a form of self discovery,

self expression and Self acceptance.
The image is born out of a few therapeutic sessions and allows your skin to bear the movements of your soul and

lead you towards new horizons.

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For some people it’s enough that they like the image and

think It’s pretty To go ahead and ink it on their body.
Boy, I wish I was so spontaneous and happy-go-lucky.


Something that could show me I was supported

in moments I felt alone and trapped

in my emotions and overwhelming responses.

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3 (15).jpg


I have learned about myself, about my aggression

and anger. What I was afraid of contained a great

power and I have been using it since. 
It allows me to look differently at my shadow.

4 (4).jpg


I wanted something that would have a meaning,

that would represent and support my emotional process,

and would make a bridge between my skin and my soul.

5 (2).jpg


All I am asking is to have an opportunity to express my complexity. To have space for my rusty heart and sword. 
To have space for my longing for intimacy which is mixed with my repulsion and fear about opening my heart to life.

6 (1).jpg


A playful reminder of my powers, 
Of the fact that only I am responsible for my life and that I’m well equipped for it.

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Now, a few years later, every time I look at the tattoo I think how unbelievable it is that the tattoo has no timeline. It represents things in my past and it’s a dominant part in my future.



It was a whole deep and meaningful experience Between real people with real dreams And I think I became richer and more mature going through it. Ink changes you and after going through this change I feel more confident and capable of dealing with my mind when I am alone.

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