My work is an integration of three main psychotherapeutic modalities: Clinical psychology, Body psychotherapy and Relational psychotherapy.

My base is  traditional verbal psychotherapy. The knowledge about the structures of human soul , our patterns and ways to work with it . 
Body psychotherapy allows me to give attention to the body, noticing the breath, the movement, contractions and expansions of the body . The body helps us to notice the unconscious life that lays behind our stories. 
Relational psychotherapy adds another layer. Our ways of attachment are often the source of our pain. Therapeutical relationship becomes  a playground, where we can notice, experience and challenge the ways we relate in a safe and playful way  and create  new path to a deep and meaningful relationships .

I believe that psychotherapeutic encounters should excite us , seduce us into changes . into living more , expressing ourselves , and connecting.

Pain is an immanent part of our existence but it is just a part of it    We engage in a Journey , to discover that the force is within us , our sources of happiness and joy ,and  the beauty of our complexity  . We are healearn to ride  the waves of our emotions .

We are here to learn and enjoy  riding the waves of our emotions while holding our head above the water.

Thank you!

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